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Productivity Awards

Central Colour Latest for Productivity Print Award

Central Colour Latest for “Productivity Print Award”

Central Colour, Nottingham, has become latest user of Ryobi Mitsubishi equipment to be presented with a “Productivity Print Award”. Recently in the news regarding its latest order for a new Ryobi Mitsubishi B1 press, a V3000 LX six-colour complete with coater and extended delivery, this Gold Award references the completion of 1,500 days since loss of a production hour due to machine failure on their current machine.

This “Productivity Print Award” was presented to Central Colour’s management quartet by Keiji Katayama, Vice President, Sales and Service, Member of the Board (shown left in the photo giving the award), and Kohei Yatsumoto, International Sales and Marketing Manager. Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of UK distributor M Partners is also shown in attendance.

Richard Limer, Joint Managing Director of Central Colour, commenting on the award, said: “We have enjoyed exceptional reliability from this machine, and whilst we are delighted to accept an award for having enjoyed four trouble free years with the press, the award is really for the company that built such a reliable piece of kit!”

“This existing Mitsubishi machine has clocked up some 140 million impressions since installation six years ago and, as per the focus of the award, we have not lost a production hour for the last four of those years.”

Andy Baxter, Joint Managing Director, added: “Mitsubishi has been our choice of press for many years now. We are constantly surprised when talking with other printers at how little money we spend on maintenance and press spares compared with companies employing other brands of printing machine. Central Colour is now a single press house, but we can afford to do that due to the reliability of Mitsubishi. Reliability equals availability.”

Commenting on the maintenance milestone, Mark Stribley, Joint MD of M Partners Ltd, the printing and large format equipment distributor based in Surrey, said: “This is yet another tremendous achievement for a long-time Mitsubishi user. These machines are just designed to keep printing. The Japanese have a very different focus to equipment suppliers in Europe, where the profits generated from the service and the sale of spares appear to be a critical part of a manufacturers income!”

Putting this award into context, Mr Stribley added: “In our extensive printing industry experience, we believe that it would be quite remarkable for a European manufactured press to go a couple of months without some sort of technical issue halting production for at least a portion of a working day. The 1,500 days at Central Colour are where no single hour of production time has been lost – that equates to over four years!”

“The consistent performance of a press not only reduces the amount of year-on-year spend on both service visits and spares to a mere trickle, it also gives the user added confidence in the performance of the equipment. There is no time lost in production, which means what has been scheduled has been produced. Reliability of the machine means that it is available for production when needed – and that’s what every printer should surely desire.”

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