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RMGT Videos

Keystone Folding Box First Year with RMGT 970

Newark, New Jersey, Keystone Folding Box, designs and manufactures folding cartons, capsules, blister cards and other packaging for customers in the healthcare field. The privately held company, which owns two other Mitsubishi/RMGT presses, added a new RMGT 970 press last year. See how things have gone in this video.

Book Production with RMGT 1050TP Presses

This company is producing mid-to-high volume books using sheet fed perfecting presses. They calculate the cut off for digital at around 200 copies. The company can now boast four sets of the 1050TP (Tandem Perfector) press. RMGT 1050TP provides for perfecting without turning the sheet. That means using the same grip edge, providing for a superior back-up of pages, plus a small paper saving for each sheet, adding up to a sizable paper saving across thousands of sheets.

High Quality Packaging Printing

This video highlights two recent RMGT 1050LX-6+CC presses installed to produce highly efficient operability and productivity on both small volume and multi-kinds of packaging products. The business featured is now using five sets of RMGT presses, making it a market leader in its sector for litho packaging production.

Bruce Shulman, Paducha Printing - RMGT 9 Series

Meet Bruce Shulman, President of Paducha Printing, Kentucky, USA, as he shares information about how the RMGT 9 Series offset litho press has helped him to reshape his business.

Smart Assist Printing

This video outlines the features of RMGT's automated printing system, Smart Assist Printing (SAP).

Pyramid Press - RMGT 1050

Pyramid Press, Nottingham, UK, has a new RMGT 1050 six-colour offset litho press, complete with Smart Assist Printing, RMGT’s automated printing system. The installation video of the machine in action is shown here.

User Study: Horizon Printing, RMGT 928 Perfecting Press

Horizon Printing & Mailing installed an RMGT 920 eight-colour perfector with LED-UV to expand its UV print capabilities. RMGT was able to provide a perfecting machine that was just 39 feet long (11.88 meters) and a press that required just one operator. Horizon is forecasting a doubling of production with this press, compared to a “normal” year. Instant drying, even on uncoated stock, and a low power consumption, are two of the key LED-UV benefits highlighted. Straight from press to bindery with no waiting time.

User Study: EZ Mailing, RMGT 9 Series

Work is being switched from digital back to offset. Ganging jobs and using LED-UV the business is producing work faster, while actually cutting its electricity bill. Kevin Bennett has a fleet of digital presses for those variable jobs, he notes, however, that he doesn’t just run everything on them, “Because of the cost. That click rate will eat you alive,” he says. “And what is the life span of a digital press? Maybe 3-5 years? With offset, it’s 20 or more.” [We might say 10 to 12 years, but that still at least double that of digital!]

Technology: Single Pressman – the Unfair Advantage!

RMGT Series 9 Perfecting Press: The unfair advantage! Produce 16-page signature work with one pressman, without any compromise on quality or delivery. Benefit from annual savings of as much as $53,000+ (£38,000+). RMGT continues to lead the industry in functionality, innovation, and profitability. Can you afford not to invest in RMGT technology?

Moving Digital Jobs Back to Litho!

Former Komori house Pacific Printing invested in an RMGT 9 Series 8-colour perfecting press, with LED-UV. Efficiency in production has reduced the cost per print, allowing the company to move digital work back to high quality offset.

User Study: PSA Print, RMGT 920 Series

PSA Print Group grew its business by 50% following the installation of a RMGT 920 Series offset press. It moved from a B2 (half-size) press to an A1 (full-size) press, printing a full eight x A4 pages to view, with LED-UV for instant drying, providing the ability to move jobs swiftly through to the binding stage.

User Study: Martin One Source, RMGT 920 Series

RMGT delivers real-life reductions in plate, paper, and power consumption costs as the LED-UV creates dry-to-the-touch sheets, ready for finishing. Hear what else Martin One Source had to say about its RMGT Series 9 press…

User Study: PolPrint, RMGT 9 Series

Adam Majewski talks about how the RMGT 9 Series Press with LED-UV has significantly increased his business after the first year of ownership. As each day passes, they have found shorter and shorter runs can be printed offset rather than digital. He also talks about how the RMGT has helped the print shop go greener, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint than their previous presses.

User Study: Henan, China, 3 x RMGT 9 Series

Henan Dounengyin Network Technology Co. Ltd has an online printing group of 600 affiliated shops and 300 printing companies throughout China. It has a major printing centre in Henan province that uses a total of 14 RMGT presses including 3 x RMGT 928 perfectors, with LED-UV.

User Study: Chinese RMGT 1050TP

To further strengthen its competitiveness in the B1 market C&C Joint Printing Co. (Beijing) LTD. invested in a RMGT 1050TP-8 perfector press. The press replaced three straight presses.

User Study: B&G House of Printing

Producing colour critical work for a variety of "blue ribbon" clients. Installed a single RMGT 920 Series with LED-UV press and removed two B2 (half-size) presses. Have made significant efficiency gains, especially on short-run work.

RMGT Factory Tour

A tour of the RMGT manufacturing plant, producing the highest-quality offset litho printing machines for both commercial and packaging printers. See how these award winning, innovative presses are assembled.

User Study: Swiss company

Swiss digital and web offset printer has used RMGT presses since 2010. The business installed a nine-unit perfecting press RMGT 920 Series press. They could operate this press with one minder, instead of two-plus on the previous straight press from another manufacturer.

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