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What printers and the trade press say about RMGT

Vale Press in Print Business

Commercial director Edward Stowe says: “We had never previously considered alternative press manufacturers.” But over an 18 month investigation into all the options covering format, energy efficiency, costs of service, reliability and the cost per sheet as well as cost of ownership, Stowe says “our research showed us that the RMGT SRA1 press was by far the standout contender. ”

Vale Press in Print Business

Having spoken with Steve Wenlock, Flexpress, about his RMGT press, Edward Stowe says: “He revealed details about the reliability of his RMGT equipment by showing the costs incurred over several years. All he had bought for the press were consumable items. Literally no spare parts at all.”

Vale Press in Print Business

Managing director Tom Stowe says “As a company, we’ve always believed in staying ahead of the curve and remaining agile through continuous investment in the latest technology. You simply can’t stand still in this industry. This is reflected by the unfortunate demise of at least five local print businesses in the last 18 months. ”

Oakdene Services in Print Business

Commenting on the LED UV, a first for Northern Ireland: “It has been a game changer and we would not have been able to cope without it. I wouldn’t ever dream of doing anything else now. ”

Oakdene Services in Print Business

Commenting on the RMGT press: “It is just exceptionally fast and quality is higher than we have been used to. Indigo quality is good and inkjet is very good, but I can see that there is a difference in quality to litho.”

New Factory in Japan in Printweek

“Japanese litho press manufacturer RMGT has announced plans to add a third manufacturing building to its headquarters in Fuchu City, in the Hiroshima prefecture of Japan.”

New Factory in Japan in Print Solutions

“Due to an ever increasing worldwide demand for its offset litho printing presses, RMGT is set to add a third manufacturing building within its main headquarters site in Fuchu City, Hiroshima.”

Oakdene Services in Printweek

“In the last two weeks our sheet output has been about two-and-a-half times what it would have been on the other press, so it’s obvious we’ve got capacity and we need to fill it.”

Oakdene Services in Print Business

“As time goes on, we hope to have three times the output than before running just a single shift.”

Harlow Printing in Print Solutions

“The automated plate loading, the swift make-ready, getting into saleable sheets and accurate colour quickly, and, of course, the LED-UV curing, are already making a difference to us.”

Harlow Printing in Print Solutions

“I was especially impressed by the focus the company has to build printing machines that just print – it was not there to produce spare parts! That's a pretty impressive mantra.”

Harlow Printing in Print Business

“We looked at Heidelberg, but they don’t really have anything in this part of the market. There’s a gap which the RMGT fills… We can now be competitive on longer run work. Our customers are happy with the quality and it means now that we can offer our customers more without having to sub-contract work out. ”

One Stop in a RMGT Podcast, on ganging up jobs

“We can now look at ganging up jobs. We put one type of paper in there and we can print four different jobs on that sheet of paper… We look at our book of business and about 95% is static, non-variable work – the amount of variable print we have, it's hard to justify a million dollar press to take care of the small amount of variable that we have.”

One Stop in a RMGT Podcast, on reliability

“You look at a press that's five or six years old and you wonder if you are ever going to need maintenance – I think we are down to two days in five or six years with our existing RMGT… It's amazing how reliable that piece of kit was.”

RMGT 56 Press Order in Print Business

The order, comprising 338 printing units, is going to a company that hopes to dominate the web to print market in China.

BCQ Group in Print Business

“Back in the UK I was able to speak to a number of RMGT users, and their feedback fully supported the claims of the UK distributor regarding print quality, reliability and the inherent savings afforded by the format, as well as the environmental bonus from power savings when compared to our existing presses.”

BCQ Group in Printweek

“Once we saw that they were manufacturing a quality product that satisfied all our needs and wants, the pricing, the efficiencies – we realised it was only our own prejudices that was preventing us. It just ticked so many boxes. It just made sense.”

BCQ Group in Print Solutions

“I was immediately impressed by the company, its staff, and its philosophy – ‘we don’t want to manufacture spare parts, we want to manufacture printing machines that don’t break down’, was the clear message coming through.”

Pyramid Press in Print Business

The new press will also take less power to run than the Heidelberg being replaced. It has an extended delivery unit, double chamber coater, Smart FPC simultaneous plate change and Smart Assist Printing which automates set-up and keeps the press in balance. At make-ready the press starts to print, tabbing the stack when good copies have been reached.

Pyramid Press in Print Solutions

“We studied the mission critical areas of quality, speed, ease of use, supplier service and support, as well as total cost of ownership, along with environmental issues, and on balance the RMGT outscored the other presses in almost every category.”

Pyramid Press in Printweek

“The automatic plate change is amazing, and fast make-ready gets the press up and running, and printing saleable sheets very quickly. The quality is very impressive, and the machine simply doesn’t break down.”

LED-UV from GEW in Printweek

GEW has scored a major coup by becoming the preferred supplier to press manufacturer RMGT, which is now factory fitting GEW’s innovative LeoLED UV curing system to its sheetfed presses.

LED-UV from GEW in Print Business

“RMGT wanted to be able to move the lamps around and it was our ability to move the lamps around the machine and to achieve a true deep cure. And they looked at installations in the US.”

Focus on RMGT Presses in Print Business

RMGT has been successful with the machine with LED-UV curing, positioning the press as not only against larger format presses, but also competitive against digital printing in terms of turnaround and cost, thanks to the ability to handle sheets immediately off the press.

Precision Printing, Prime Group and ProCo in Printweek

Combined, the group’s battery will include 15 digital sheetfed presses, largely HP Indigos, four SRA1 RMGT Ryobi LED-UV presses, including two long perfectors, a high-speed inkjet web, a number of wide-format engines and a raft of finishing kit including mail inserters, laser cutting and a Scodix digital embellishment line.

Heronswood Press in Print Business

“If someone came in needing 1,000 SRA1 posters for the next morning, firstly we can now take the job because of the format we will have. Then we can have the plates made by 6am, have the plates on press and the job ready for the guillotine and for collection at 8am.”

Heronswood Press in Printweek

“Also, now, doing the same thing we’ve done for the past 20 years doesn’t make sense. It’s like a slow march towards death. We want to do something different and we’ll be the only printer in the area with LED drying.”

Healeys Print Group in Printweek

“The DigitalXtra positioning of this technology by MPL makes great sense; it fills that gap between true digital work and the long-run printing that requires a B2- or B1-format litho press for cost-effective production.”

Healeys Print Group in Print Business

“At 300 copies the job is definitely digital. At 500 copies the job was a fit for the LED-UV while the XL remained too expensive because of the additional plate cost. We believe this shows that there is a sweet spot for LED-UV that sits below the XL75.”

RMGT 970 in Print Business

The RMGT 970 is a slightly larger format than the successful 920 SRA1 model. It runs to a maximum of 965x650mm, even for eight A4 pages to view with colour bars crop markets and other furniture on both sides of a perfected sheet.

Precision Printing in Print Business

“It has revitalised the litho side of the business. It gives us the immediacy and simplicity of operation that we get from digital.”

ProCo in Printweek

“The first press gave us more firepower in terms of the different sheet size and obviously running a lot faster. It was previously taking two or three days for work to dry in some cases plus the print runs were longer anyway because it was only half a sheet size.”

Resource in Printweek

“Our previous RMGT press was incredibly reliable. Reliability is important to us as a business; if our press lets us down, we are in danger of letting a client down, and that’s something we just cannot entertain.”

Glossop Cartons in Printweek

“We knew we needed to change an old press – a KBA 104 with coater – but needed a route to do it. This could be it: we were so impressed with the five-colour machine, there was never any thought of looking elsewhere. The total costs in nine years of running that five-colour press were probably less than those for one single year from any other manufacturer.”

PCP in Printweek

“It is a very exciting press that will allow us to provide a whole range of new and exciting products for our customer portfolio. It will allow for such techniques as drip-off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass.”

PCP in Print Business

“The four-over-five configuration, supported by a coating unit, will provide a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coating lamps. It will allow for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks and flood UV in one pass. It is the only press in this configuration and specification in Europe and offers PCP a major opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.”

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