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January 2021

China Print Companies Invest in RMGT

China Print Companies Invest in RMGT

RMGT has recently announced news that a significant amount of press orders have been received from Chinese distributor DINGA. Orders for RMGT 10 Series, RMGT 920 Series, and RMGT 790 Series have increased over the last two months as the Chinese market makes a rapid recovery from the Covid-19 virus that has gripped the world.

The decisions from Chinese customers regarding investment in new printing equipment maybe connected to the start of Chinese New Year, which begins in February, with printers experiencing a growing demand from their customers.

Among the many sales successes orders for RMGT 1050TP-8 (pictured) and RMGT 790ST-5XL have followed on from a marketing promotion amongst existing customers and new prospects by DINGA.

As one of DINGA’s main sales strategies, they focused on selling RMGT 1050TP-8 to the government-managed publishing companies and the leading private printing and publishing companies by highlighting the benefits of single-sided gripper perfecting within the press, leading to high-quality both-sides printing, paper savings, and high productivity without any of the printing restrictions associated with a convertible perfector.

DINGA successfully received four 1050TP-8 orders from the leading commercial and publishing companies in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanxi provinces over this time short period.

In addition, there was a number of orders from RMGT mid-size press users in Zhejiang province. Both commercial and packaging sectors in this area of China are recovering impressively from the COVID-19 crisis.

DINGA examined this recovery carefully and deliberately targeted the RMGT 790 Series to the short-run packaging printing companies, including existing RMGT users. As a result DINGA received five orders for the RMGT 790ST-5XL.

These orders have helped to ensure a hectic start to 2021 at the RMGT factory in Japan, with both 10 Series and 7 Series lines especially busy.

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