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Tandem Perfector Out Performs Rival at Ancient House

Tandem Perfector Out Performs Rival at Ancient House

Ipswich-based Ancient House Printing Group is a print business with a proud and respected image within the print industry, and is considered one of the UK’s most established and experienced web and sheet-fed print businesses.

Sheet Fed Perfecting at Ancient House

One press that has featured strongly in the print room since 2007 is a B1-format Mitsubishi D3000 TP, a twelve-colour tandem perfector. This uniquely styled perfector press has now clocked up some 250 million impressions during its nine year history in Ipswich.

Some nine years into its very busy printing life, the company was looking once again at its investment plan in equipment. Following a detailed consultation with MPL, the UK distributors for RMGT and existing installed Mitsubishi equipment, a new plan emerged.

“We were keen to discuss exactly what Ancient House wanted to do and what future they saw for this machine,” said Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director at MPL. “Having discussed a variety of options for the company, we then set about a detailed inspection of the system in order to propose a detailed plan for the equipment.”

The Health Check of the press examines the equipment in great detail, with a focus on the three critical drivers: performance, quality and health & safety. It flags critical issues and incorporates detailed photographs of wear and tear on press components where appropriate.

“The review of the equipment then details the refurbishment that would be needed in order to bring the machine back into full production, and can even include any training that might be necessary for the company’s staff.”

Full PDA’s, or heath check’s, are available for each Mitsubishi machine, and each is specific to the press model.

The computer software driven full system inspection revealed a number of worn components, and a full service plan was drawn up by the MPL service team, and accepted by Ancient House.

With the refurbishment now completed, printers at the plant have been delighted with the “re-birth” of their favourite perfecting press. It is now out-performing the other press that was installed just four years ago.

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